Meadow Bridge Residents React to Rejection of Fayette County Schools Consolidation


Many residents of Meadow Bridge have been against the Fayette County Board of Education’s consolidation plan from the beginning, 

In phase two of Terry George’s plan, the first-year superintendent proposed to close Meadow Bridge High School. He would then turn the elementary school into a pre-K through eighth grade facility. 

But Mistie Richmond, a mother with two kids attending Meadow Bridge High School, says because of its isolated location, a high school must remain on the eastern end of the county.

“The geographic location within the county makes any kind of travel from the eastern end to the center of the county very difficult,” Richmond says.

As a Fayette County resident, Richmond feels there are some positive outcomes in George’s plan, but not enough benefits for the Meadow Bridge area. 

“The students at Meadow Bridge deserve to be treated as citizens of Fayette County,” Richmond says. “They deserve to be valued, and they deserve to be invested in, instead of disposed of.”

George says the plan was rejected because a bond hasn’t passed in Fayette County for almost three decades. He won’t be able to submit another plan for Fayette County Schools for the next two years. 

No teachers at Meadow Bridge High School were allowed to comment on the matter.

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