Meadow Bridge Scores Lowest in Fayette County Schools Evaluation


The School Building Authority has ranked every school in Fayette County based on state code standards and quality of education. 

Meadow Bridge High School came in last, receiving a 36 overall score out of a possible 100. Stacy White, Meadow Bridge High School principal, was notified at Tuesday night’s meeting with the SBA.

“We are very aware of the SBA rankings,” White tells 59News. “I know the county is working very closely with the SBA to develop a county friendly plan. And the administration here at Meadow Bridge High School has all the faith in the SBA, and we believe in the process.”

The schools were judged on 21 different categories and given a one to five score. Categories included building site, age of the building, ability to deliver curriculum and even furniture to name several.

Even though her school was given the lowest score in the county, White isn’t discouraged. 

“For the faculty and administration at Meadow Bridge High, we are continually striving to provide the best educational and social experiences for our students, and so we’re just excited for another school year and we’re looking forward to the students arriving in August,” White says.

An official with the SBA says the purpose of these evaluations is to determine which schools in Fayette County should be recommended to move offline in the near future. Currently Meadow Bridge High School is first on the SBA’s list, but the official says that doesn’t mean it will happen within the next year. 

Collins Middle School was not included in the evaluation because it has already been taken offline and students there have relocated. New River Elementary received a perfect score and was ranked the best school in the county.  

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