Meadow Bridge speaks out against school bond


The Fayette County School Board is proposing a $39 million school bond.

The bond states schools like Oak Hill high and Midland Trail high will be upgraded, while Meadow Bridge high school will close. 

“Into the winter months we unfortunately lost some buildings on the Collins Middle school campus, and then we lost the second floor here at Meadow Bridge high school and a classroom at Mt. Hope elementary,” said Fayette County Superintendent Serena Starcher. 

State officials closed the second floor of Meadow Bridge high after they found a bad joist. They deemed it unsafe to have anybody on the second floor. They still have classes on the first floor, because they said it isn’t in danger of falling. 

At Thursday’s meeting many Meadow Bridge advocates are asking the state to spare their school. They said their kids have an identity there and that identity could be lost in a new school.

“If I see the sign board out in front of the school and I see a name and I see that this child has won the spelling bee, I automatically know who that kid is. I can automatically get on facebook or pick up the phone and say aww that’s great news, love it,” said Mistie Richmond. 

Current principle Mark Skaggs said the Meadow Bridge community spirit is unlike any other place he has worked. 

“This is a great community. It may be the best school I’ve worked in since I’ve been an administrator in terms of community support and the quality of the kids.”

On June 13th Fayette county will vote on the school bond. For more information on the school bond visit the Fayette County Board of Education’s website at

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