Memorial Day special for flights from Raleigh County Airport to Myrtle Beach


Need to get away? Paradise is waiting for you. You can get a 20 dollar flights from Beckley to Myrtle Beach.

“To give people an option and an opportunity of offering a service that we’ve never had before,” Tom Cochrane said.

Cochrane, the Raleigh County Airport Manager, says this is a great way for families who are tight on cash and are looking for an affordable vacation.

“That is certainly something that is attractive to a rural airport, usually we only go to one destination,” Cochrane said.

Charlotte is the connecting airport from Beckley, which is a convenience for Lauren Campbell and her family. Campbell and her husband are visiting southern West Virginia from Greenville South Carolina.

“If we would’ve drive it would have been six hours, with two kids, two small kids being able to get on a plane and being able to have the flexibility to move around is awesome,” Campbell said.

The sale started Friday morning and runs until Sunday. The flights leave from Raleigh County Memorial Airport next weekend, so don’t miss your chance for little bit of sunshine.

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