Mercer County deputies continue search for weekend burglar


 It’s a quiet little neighborhood, Sunrise Drive, but it’s seen its far share of crime.

“Yeah there’s been problems up here several times I think, there’s been several arrests made up here,” Eddie Osborne said

Osborne lives up the road from where a townhouse was burglarized twice in the same day over the weekend. He said he’s had some of his belongings stolen as well.

“My vehicle was just sitting in the driveway overnight and we lost a camera and a pistol out of our glove compartment, they steal our gas all the time,” Osborne said.

 In January, the Lilly Grove area saw another burglary when two men were arrested for stealing copper, but, deputies said the two burglaries aren’t related at this time.

“The copper was actually up on Gayle Street, a little bit higher, as of right now we don’t have anything that would show the similarities in them,” said Deputy Tyler Rose with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Rose said the townhouse that was broken into had two rifles, a hand gun, and some jewelry stolen. The home owner, according to deputies, walked in as the burglar was walking out.

“He actually had a glass that was set up on the door knob so that whenever the door knob was turned the glass fell off and broke to let him know that somebody was coming into the house,” he said.

 Deputy Rose said they have sent evidence found at the scene to the crime lab for processing.

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