Mercer County Planning Commission Asking For Assets And Challenges In The County


Organizers with the Mercer County Planning Commission are doing everything they can to make the community a better place.  Commissioners are asking people in the community to send pictures of both assets and challenges in Mercer County.  Litter is one thing Karen Smith said is a challenge to Princeton. 

Smith said, “I just think it’s disgraceful when I look around my county that I’ve grown up in to see that people have no pride in where we live.  This just isn’t the Princeton that I grew up in.  It was clean.  It was nice.  People took pride in things so it makes me feel hopeless sometimes.” 

Commissioners are being proactive in solving the problem and focusing on the assets.    However, the problems don’t stop there.  Abandoned buildings are another challenge people in the community are talking about.

Linda Augustosky said, “We live in such a beautiful area and these abandoned, burned and condemned houses are scattered throughout our county.  I’m very happy to see that the Mercer County Commission is asking for input.  I have also listed some of the great things about our county such as beautiful hiking trails.  I love where I live and I just want to see it improve.”

Improvement is what Mercer County Commissioner Greg Puckett is planning. 

Puckett said, “If you go up and down our roadways, you see a lot of litter and we’re working right now through the Mercer County Commission on establishing a new building code ordinance.  We really want to make sure if we have dilapidated buildings, you know what are we going to do with those properties.  It’s about the community coming together through the Keep Mercer Clean Campaign doing those type of things.”

You can post pictures on the Mercer County Planning Commission Facebook page .

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