Mercer Mall Looking to Lease Stores


Sales remain steady at Mercer Mall, but its general manager is looking to add more stores. 

Dennis McCallister, Mercer Mall general manager, says there are currently about 10 stores in the mall open for lease. He is now looking for more businessmen to take them over.

“Well we try to go out in the immediate area and see if we have any entrepreneurs, and we’ll give them an opportunity to come in and give them enough time to build out their store,” McCallister says.

Even with vacant spaces open in the Mercer Mall, McCallister says he has added four new stores and only closed one in this past year. McCallister also remains optimistic about the number of sales the Mercer Mall will make this year. 

“I think we’ll be sort of break even, maybe a little higher,” McCallister tells 59News. “It’s just things that people are wanting this year are a little higher priced. So that usually generates sales that are equal to last year and most of the time, better.”

McCallister says leases at the Mercer Mall run one year, ranging from $1,000-$5,000 per month. 

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