Miners speak out after Wyoming County mine idled


Another blow to the coal industry, over 200 miners at the Pinnacle Mine just outside of Pineville found out Monday night their mine is idled.

“Well we just don’t know what the future has in store,” David Jackson said.

Jackson is the Local President for the UMWA 1713 of Seneca Coal in Pinevillle. He says the union received a revised version of an original contract. On Monday night, the contract was voted on at the union hall in Pineville. Jackson says it was shot down with over 200 no votes.

“After the no vote everybody got it, not only us, but 300 Alabama Coal miners got it as well that are owned by the same company,” he said.

The mine is currently producing no coal at the moment, putting over 200 miners here temporarily out of a job.

“A majority of our members are younger members. They have children, medical needs and issues and food and groceries, car payments just like the rest of us human beings, it’s stressful,” he said.

Jackson says the miners worked diligently and cooperated with the companies demands, but negotiations fell short.

“It’s not a good feeling because we had an earnest negotiated some things and thought we were making headway but when we got a contract there were several things that we weren’t aware of and just some things that were asking too much,” Jackson said, “it’s not that were asking for more, we’re simply asking to keep the little bit that we’ve got.”

A call was put in tonight to Seneca coal, that call has not been returned.

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