Mock accident put bus drivers and first responders in real life scenario


Just the thought makes parents lose sleep, their child’s school bus in a crash.

“We’re carrying our future, we’re carrying precious cargo to and from school each day to and from school,” Kim McClung, a bus driver in Fayette County said.

This time, it’s just a mock accident to prepare bus drivers and first responders. It’s training that will save lives. Crews come roaring to the scene of a bus rear-ended by a car, immediately they take over. It’s the bus driver’s job to get kids safely off the but, at the same time first responders work on removing the injured driver from the car. McClung said this training makes her ready for the real thing.

“To watch what goes on for the inevitable happening makes us more aware and to be more cautious in what we are doing each day,” she said.

This professional coaching doesn’t just help bus drivers. Fayetteville Fire Captain Dennis Milam says all involved benefit from witnessing this accident scenario.

“Makes the fire department better prepared for when something like this does happen, hopefully it doesn’t,” he said.

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