If you’ve ever seen a drummer perform, it’s clear that beating down on a drum set is exhausting. Now, drumming is part of an actual workout routine, Pound Fitness, is a way to drum out that extra weight.

When gym owner and fitness instructor Ashley Aragona took pound for the first time it reignited her passion for exercise.

“The first time I took a pound class I was lost to be honest.  It was great. It was fun but it was this whole new thing of what do I do, where do I move? You get so entranced in the rhythms, by the beat, by the instructor, in the music. I was hooked by my very first class, that’s why I had to get certified,” explained Aragona. 

Aragona recently introduced Pound to WV Fitness 24.

She said, “The cool thing about it is, it takes away from counting so you’re not thinking how many more reps do I have, how many more sets? You’re thinking drum louder, drum faster.’

The rhythm sticks are only about a quarter pound each but you’ll feel it.

“It adds just a little bit of residence.  So when you’re doing the are moves, you may think holding a drum stick, oh I’m not going to get any workout from this but holding your arms up, you really do,” said Aragona. 

It works more than just the body.

“It is a lot of mind work as well.  Studies have shown that actually pounding and drumming is good for your stress levels, blood pressure, all that as well. People are finding the benefits of that as well as the muscular strength and the cardio endurance.”

For gym member Amber Lewis,  its become her escape, “It’s a fun class. It gets you in the groove and makes you want to come back.”

The best part is the time flies by.

Lewis said, “It’s an hour long class and before you know it, it’s over,”

It gets your heart rate up and your squats down low.  Burning up to 900 calories an hour.

“It’s now starting to gain its momentum and we are hoping to make more noise in the community with it,” said Aragona. 

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