More NFL teams interested in Greenbrier Resort


The Greenbrier Resort has been the site for NFL teams to practice for the past two years, and it appears 2016 may make that a third.  The New Orleans Saints practiced there in 2014 and 2015.  The were joined by the New England Patriots during the second year. 

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This year two more NFL teams are interested in training in southern West Virginia.  Owner of the Greenbrier Resort Jim Justice, said the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders are looking into holding practices there.  Because they are coming over from the West Coast, Justice noted, the visit to the Greenbrier would be convenient for the two teams’ schedules, and they may not be the only teams hitting the field this year.

“We may very well have the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints. So all these things are great for West Virginia,” said Justice.

Justice added that if the Cardinals and Raiders come to the Greenbrier for training, it would happen in the fall, during the regular NFL season. 

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