Eight arrested, over a dozen deer killed, and the suspects face over $10,000 in fines

“Over my 20 years in law enforcement, in game enforcement, this is the worst case I’ve encountered or seen,” Captain W.W. Brogan with the Division of Natural Resources said.

Charles Powell from New Jersey, Kenneth Powell from Pennsylvania, Robert Canfield, Charley Simms, and Timothy Powell from West Virginia arrested for hunting without a license, not wearing blaze orange, and driving with loaded firearms. Police had the suspects remove the deer from their trailer to get an official head count.

According to Captain W.W. Brogan with the DNR, the suspects had NO intentions of checking the 18 deer they killed.

“These gentlemen had plans on staying in our state and hunting until the end of the week so the total number of deer, you could have only guessed what they would have had by the end of the week,” Brogan said.

But the deer won’t go to waste, they will all be held in a freezer and distributed to help families in need.

“Until we can find a home for each deer that you see behind us so that they don’t go to waste,” Brogan said.
Police tell us this type of illegal camp is a yearly issue for the hunters in West Virginia.