More VA Residents Expected To Hit The Roads This Holiday Season


Christmas is just 3 days away and that means many people will be hitting the roads to head home this holiday season.  More travelers are expected this year. 
AAA is predicting about 3 million Virginia residents to be traveling this holiday season.  59News was told that’s up a little more than 2 percent from 2015.  Tim Mullins lives in Bland, Virginia.  He plans on avoiding the roads because of that reason. 

Mullins said, “Traffic gets really bad.  I’d rather just air on the side of caution. I live on 77 north and south both there between the tunnels.  I just really hope they’re really careful and don’t get scared of the tunnels and enjoy their holidays.”

According to AAA, more people will be getting behind the wheel and hitting the roads this holiday season because of lower gas prices and rising incomes. Drivers encourage everyone to keep the roads safe.   

Driver Daniel Saunders said, ” That’s a lot of traffic.  The weather, it’s pretty good right now and stuff.  It could get cold.  Need to watch out for ice and black ice, stuff like that.”

We are told AAA expects more Virginians to travel this year than any other.  They’re also expecting a higher number of people across the nation to travel this year than 2015.

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