More West Virginia Reaction to Presidential Debate


It was a combative, feisty debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So we went looking for West Virginian’s opinions on who won. From the Republican Party:

“Oh I think Donald Trump did just fine. I think that if you are looking for a robotic professional politician, I think Hillary Clinton had the right answers; programmed answers; clearly memorized a binder book,” said Mike Stuart, the Trump WV Co-Chairman.

But, prominent Democrats believe Hillary Clinton won after Trump turned angry near the end of the debate.

“I have never felt that Donald Trump was temperamentally sound. I think he is self-centered and arrogant and vulgar,” said Del. Nancy Guthrie, (D) Kanawha.

But even before the debate, polls indicated that upwards of 95 percent of Americans had already made up their minds – meaning  perhaps as few as two, to five-percent are left to determine a very close race.

Q: Did it change your mind at all?
“No, I like Donald Trump,” said Jerry Smith, a Trump supporter.

“Hillary Clinton, I think she won on style of debating and I think she won on topic and I think she won on substance,” said Peter Americo, a Hillary Clinton backer.

Q: Was your mind changed at all last night? “No,” said voter Linda Raynes.

Q: “Your mind was not changed? “No,” said voter Vivian Kessinger.

In a CNN poll, 67 percent of viewers believe Clinton won the debate.

“The Presidential candidates will have two more opportunities to debate, coming up October 9th, and October 19th,” said Mark Curtis, 59 News Chief Political Reporter.

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