Motorcyclists Speak Out About Proposed Bill That Wouldn’t Require Helmets in WV


A proposed bill would allow motorcyclists to ride without a helmet in West Virginia.  If passed, proposed Senate Bill 549 would make it to where people 21 and up would not be required to wear a helmet on a motorcycle.

Myron Morriston was at United Cycle in Beckley on March 22, 2017. He said he’s rode a motorcycle for about 60 years.

Morriston said, “I won’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet but if you’re dumb enough to do it, you go right ahead.”

Motorcyclists 59News spoke with said bugs hitting you in the head if you don’t have a helmet on when riding a motorcycle is a major safety concern. 

Parts Manager at United Cycle Donnie Pruett said, “I mean if you’re doing 70 mph and a big hornet or wasp would hit you in the forehead, potentially could cause an accident.  If you want to ride you want to come back home the way you left, you know safe.  Without the helmet, you’re putting a risk out there.”

The Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved the bill.  The next step is the Judiciary Committee before a potential floor vote. 

Pruett said, “I think the motorcycle bill should not pass because I think it’s a safety factor for everyone to wear the helmet especially in West Virginia with all the curvy roads and mountains.   I think it’s very important for everyone to wear a helmet for the safety factor.”

Proposed Senate Bill 549 hasn’t passed at this point.  So for now when you are riding a motorcycle, you must wear a helmet in West Virginia.

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