A Monroe County Judge ruled Wednesday that the Mountain Valley Pipeline does not have the 

right to enter a person’s property without their permission.
It was a full house in the courtroom as lawyers for property owners and Mountain Valley argued for and against surveying rights.
One property owner testified that it’s all about privacy.
Collins McCourty said, We are private people, and I’m a private person. I feel that I have a right to the exclusive quiet and enjoyment of my property.

Mountain Valley argued the survey they want permission to do is the least invasive way to study endangered species and make sure they have the proper route for their pipeline.
They say there will be no damage to the property while doing a survey. 
I talked to a Monroe County resident about the hearing. He said this could set a precedent. 
Howdy Henritz said, It’s all about property rights and whether a for profit company has the right to enter your property to build infrastructure that will benefit them and not the person who’s property they’re coming on. 

While the judge ruled in favor of the property owners, several tell me they know this fight isn’t over.