Mountain Valley Pipeline saga continues


The battle wages on over the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Tuesday, residents from all over Monroe County gathered at James Monroe High School for a discussion and short film premiere. Many residents, including Beth Covington, are strongly against the pipeline

“Mountain Valley Pipeline has chosen to run their 42 inch, 1600 pounds per square inch pipeline a quarter of a mile away from my farm,” Beth Covington, a farmer from Monroe County said.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline would extend 300 miles from northwestern West Virginia to Southwest Virginia, delivering natural gas from the vast Marcellus shale deposit. But Covington is the only one who feels strongly against the pipeline.
“It’s a different way of life we just enjoy life, we work on the farm and our water, our spring water and we just can’t have our water destroyed,” Amy South said.

The film depicted life in Monroe County, and with the pipeline it would shake up life as they know it. We caught up with the director of the film Tuesday about what it was like to see

“It’s very heart felt, because these people are speaking from the heart and it’s emotional and very heart felt,” Marino Colmano, the director for Pipeline said.
We tried to find people who were for the pipeline, but were unable.

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