New Montwell Park Drainage Performs Perfectly During Floods


Just off of Route 219, on the way in to Lewisburg sits Montwell Park. A geographical low point for the city, the park and surrounding buildings have been flooded during even small rainstorms. That led to the introduction of a new underground drainage system. 

“We collect a lot of water from the runoff of hard surfaces in Lewisburg and all of that as it comes down here can create flooding very quickly. That runoff goes in to a main drainage system of a creek that borders Montwell Park, and it will go through what used to be a 36 inch culvert and is now three 42 inch culverts,” says park coordinator Maria Schleiff.  

Schleiff and board member Paul Lindquist have seen the flooding in the park first hand and say they’re thankful the drainage system is working the way it is supposed to, especially after being completed just a few days before the floods in June. The water now drains in to a field, which was the goal from the beginning of the project.

Lindquist lives on the hill overlooking the park and says, “we could see the three 42 inch pipes that were almost under water. That had flooded the whole space down here but it moved the water from the creek.” 

Next on the list for the Montwell Park Organization is building the foundation for what is set to be a new community building that will serve a variety of purposes for people in Lewisburg. Organizers say it will be home to a local grocery store and kids radio station, all  in a building replicating the old Lewisburg L & R Train Station. 

If you’re interested in helping with the Montwell Park project you can donate at their website MontwellPark.Org. 

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