New ordinances are passed in Princeton


     Three new ordinances were passed Monday, January 11, 2016, at Princeton’s City Council meeting. 59News was at the meeting to find out what these ordinances mean for the community. The three new ordinances were adopted underneath the home rule.
     The first one allows the city to sell buildings for market value, without taking them to auction, if it’s for economic development. The Mayor, Tim Ealy, says this is great, because we can make sure our buildings go to someone with a great vision, “You know sometimes when you go to public auction, you don’t get an economic development type thing. Somebody might just buy the property and let it set. This way, we can sell it for and know it’s going to be developed.”
     The second ordinance allows the city to sell surplus property to be sold without going to auction. This includes things, such as old vehicles. The third ordinance minimizes the steps to get architectural work hired and started. The mayor says this just allows them to save time, so the city can get things renovated as soon as possible.
     All city council members voted in favor of all three ordinances and it appeared the community was in favor as well. Lori McKinney, the Princeton Renaissance Organizer, has big dreams and hopes this will help contribute to those,  “We’re on track to realizing a vision that by 2016 we will have an attractive and economically vibrant downtown, that inspires a sense of pride and renewal, where community members are engaged and excited.”
     It sounds like the next big project for the city of Princeton is revitalizing other areas in the city limits, besides Mercer Street.

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