New Study reveals increase in E-Cig poisoning among Children


  A new study reveals young children are being exposed to poisoning from E-cigarettes at an alarming rate. 

 Researchers say it’s an epidemic and they’re calling on the federal government to do something about it.   According to the National Children’s Hospital, from January 2012 through April 2015, calls received from poison control centers across the U.S. increased by nearly 1500%. Medical officials are now warning the public of the dangers of children ingesting the liquid from E-cigarettes.  

“What it’s going to do is cause a rapid increase in the heart rate. It may cause some situations where the heart wouldn’t beat in the normal fashion. It also has the potential to cause nausea, vomiting., In rare cases if there was enough ingested then it can cause seizures comas and even death,” said Seamann. Seamann is the director of operations for Jan-Care Ambulance. 

 In July a new federal law will require e cigarette liquids to be sold in bottles that are child resistant. 

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