New waste water treatment plant could mean cleaner water for areas in Greenbrier County


A new waste water treatment plant is under construction in Ronceverte. Officials say the new plant will mean cleaner water in the area.

According to Reba Mohler, the Ronceverte City Administrator, the new plant is being built thanks to a 9 million dollar grant.
It serves Ronceverte, Fairlea, and Lewisburg. 

Mohler says, “our current plant, it will process about 1.2 million gallons a day. The new plant will process 2 million gallons a day, which will give us a lot of increased capacity and allow for more economic growth and development in the area.”

She also says that the mild temperatures we’ve had so far have helped keep construction on track, and workers are still working on the plant, even as temperatures start to drop. 

Staying on schedule is important, because a new plant also means cleaner water in the Greenbrier River, one of the areas most popular outdoor recreation spots. 

Craig Miller, owner of Serenity Outfitters in Lewisburg, uses the Greenbrier River for a number of activities. He says keeping the river clean is important, and taking measures like a new waste water treatment plant, can only mean good things for him and his dog named River. 

“I think one of the major benefits, it will cut down on the algae load on the water so it’s going to be more beneficial for folks that are using it from a kayaking, canoeing standpoint, the fishermen that are going to be there on the water as well. And just overall health and quality of the river system,” says Miller. 

Officials say the new plant is set to be completed next year. 

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