It’s a tall timber frame and it’s built with love. It can be found on the future site of the Brad Paisley Park on Mill Hill Drive in White Sulphur Springs, and it’s all thanks to a popular television show. “We’ve got the camera crews here and they’re watching us, which is Barnwood Builders. We’re trying to bring a little bit of life back in to White Sulphur Springs,” says host Mark Bowe. 

Bowe and his crew are donating a reclaimed New England barn frame- and their time- to create the focal point of what will soon be a community gathering place. Bowe adds, “It’s a little more special for us to do something in this area because our business is here, and we know a lot of these folks that lost everything.”

Aside from the Barnwood Builders crew there’s also a crew of 25 volunteers from Pennsylvania. They are working on the community center which is set to be a vital part of the Brad Paisley Park. 

Before the flood, the community center was just a home. In just a few months organizers say it will be home to a community room, a catering kitchen, a massive back deck, and more.

Organizers like Tom Crabtree say this is a way to serve the city, and the families who used to live on this very land, “they love this place and they wanted to be able to come back and celebrate as a family and enjoy the beauty of this unbelievably beautiful place.”
Most of the families who used to live on the site of the park are now living in Hope Village. They gave their land to the organizers of the park to make the whole thing possible. The Brad Paisley Park is set to be finished in about a month.