No cases of encephalitis spread by mosquitoes in Fayette County


A Fayette County boy dies of Encephalitis and many believed it was a result of a mosquito bite. There was even concern of other possible cases in the county. Now, the Fayette County Health Department is giving new information. They said there are no current cases or investigations, in the county, involving mosquito born illnesses. 
They said this doesn’t mean they still can’t happen. After all, mosquitoes have spread disease in the county before.

“The first thing we talk to the public about when it comes to that is this time of year, mosquito born illnesses can happen, so do the smart thing. If you have a pool you’re not using you should drain it so they don’t have a place to breed,” Danny Scalise, the Fayette County Health Department Public Information Officer, said.

Health officials do say viral infections are common this time of year in young children. They advise to wash your hands, and if your kids are sick,  keep them home from school. 

Some people in Fayette County think that whether it was a mosquito or not that caused the encephalitis,  the Health Department needs to do more to prevent mosquito born illnesses. 

“There has to be something they can do. There’s helicopter sprays, they can send letters home, they can give bug spray to kids at school,” Joe Hypes said.

Health experts also said this is a peak time for repository illnesses and keeping up with hygiene is crucial to staying healthy. 

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