Oakvale welcomes water upgrades, possible lower insurance rates


Residents in Oakvale could soon see a decrease in their insurance rates, thanks to recent water upgrades and help from the Oakvale volunteer Fire Department.

The major improvements include the opportunity to have access to public water and additional fire hydrants. “I think it’s fantastic, because that’s something we’ve always needed,” said Lawrence Weeks.

Weeks is an Oakvale resident. He’s welcoming the town’s recent water project with open arms. 

“It has been a big problem,” Weeks said. “With all the fire hydrants and water, the way it is, they brought our fire department from a class 9 to a class 5.”

Weeks is also on the board for Oakvale’s volunteer fire department. The department was recently told that its public protection classification  rating has been lowered rating means residents like him could soon see a decrease in insurance rates.The new rating also affects residents living in Kellysville, Elgood, Ingleside, Hatcher, Fountain Park, and Cheesy Creek.

Along with public water access, the new water project also added about 50 new fire hydrants around town. 

“We would show up with roughly 4,500 gallons of water,” said Victor Lester.

Lester is chief of the fire department. He said that before the hydrants were installed, combating fires in the area was tough. 
He and his crew were forced to retrieve water from wherever they could find it, whether it be streams, or swimming pools. But the additional fire hydrants have made a significant difference.

“Now, if there’s a hydrant there, the truck could hook right to it and have a continuous flow,” said Lester.

The new rating will go into affect in April. 

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