Officials investigate multiple fires in Raleigh County


The West Virginia Fire Marshal’s office is investigating after two fires broke out Thursday night in Beaver. 

According to dispatchers firefighters were first called to a mobile home on 5th Street just after midnight. While responding, another fire started at an abandoned building on 6th Street and Aberham Court.

Anthony Kidd, a resident who lives across the street from the abandoned building was woken up by his wife who smelled smoke inside their home.  

“My wife woke me up about 1:15 a.m. and my room was full of smoke and the windows was busting in the bedroom and I thought our house was on fire because then I could see the glow,” Kidd said. 

Kidd, his wife and their two sons were able to make it out unharmed  but the flames did cause damage to his property. The heat from the fire left his pick up truck scorched. 

Investigators have yet to determine what sparked the flames but Kidd tells 59News he believes someone started them intentionally. 

“Here in the last few days we’ve had three different fires and its coming from the same area there’s a house up here the mans that owns it is in jail and they’re about 10 or 12 people living in it that doesn’t being in this community,” Kidd added.

In addition to his truck, Kidd’s garage was also damaged.  Now he’s left with the difficult task of trying to get things back in order.

“I’m fortunate to still have a job at the mines and we had some pay cuts so I had to take my insurance from home out of my budget just 4 or 5 weeks ago so this is all on me now,” he said.

In total, eight fire departments were called to the scene. The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department also responded.  Anyone with information about the fires is asked to contact the West Virginia Arson Hotline at 1-800-233-3473.

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