One Civil Case Filed By Former Matoaka Police Chief Dismissed


One of the civil cases for John Sommers, a former Mercer County Police Chief fired in 2014, was dismissed on Wednesday July 29, 2015.  At a hearing, a judge granted Matoaka Town Attorney Phillip Ball’s motion to drop the case.

Ball said, “After the judge gave them a time to amend their pleadings to get the relief that they were wanting and they did not do it.  So, because the law was improperly filed and they refused to respond in anyway, refused to appear for the hearing, the case was dismissed.”

Ball said Sommers was claiming there was a violation of the West Virginia Open Meetings Act.  Sommers filed a complaint to get the mayor at the time Todd Colonna fired as well as the town clerk.  Again, that was dismissed Wednesday.  Sommers claimed he was fired because he was investigating some of the mayor’s rental properties and buildings which he says were far from passing safety codes.  Colonna claimed he was fired because of a complaint filed against Sommers.  New mayor Travis Colonna said things are looking up for the town.

Travis Colonna said, “A bad thing what happened back then but we’re trying to move on as a town.  With this being dropped, hopefully the whole town can move forward and we can move forward as an office here also.”
59News reached out to John Sommers for a comment after the hearing but our efforts have been unsuccessful so far. 

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