One Day Without Shoes Raises Awareness for Raleigh County Children


Today kicks of a month long event to raise awareness for children who don’t have shoes. People gather walking to celebrate One Day Without Shoes. 

To Thomas Oxley, this day really hits home for him. From raising children of his own and living in this community, he sees firsthand kids who aren’t wearing the correct shoes and some who don’t even have any. 

“I have two significant loves in my life, dogs and children, not necessarily that order but if I can play one small role to better the life of a child, that’s what it’s all about,” says Oxley.

Teri Harlan organized a walk for people to join together and walk for a cause, One Day Without Shoes. Harlan explains that there is a major need for this day. 

“We have kids who are stapling their shoes, their one pair of shoes. We have teachers who have told us they bring hot glue guns to work with them so they can glue the kids shoes together. We had 3 sisters at one school who were sharing the one pair of shoes just so they can participate in gym,” says Harlan.

Without the proper shoes this raises many concerns not only for the children’s mental health, but their physical health as well. 

If a child doesn’t wear correct supportive shoes at a young age, this can effect their foot growth. 

For those of you looking to help, you can take a picture of your bare feet and hashtag #OneDayWithoutShoes and Toms Shoes will donate a pair to a child who doesn’t have any.

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