Out of state volunteers build sanctuary for mercer county church


Saturday it was all hands on deck at Covenant Baptist Church in Mercer County. The church has outgrown their current facility but is receiving a miracle thanks to an out of state volunteer mission Team

 Kevin Howerton is the of Covenant Baptist church in Princeton and called it a blessing from above.

“For these people to put out this much effort and love for people that they don’t know… But we’re one family we’re brothers and sisters in Christ.” Howerton said.

The group is called the Bethel Baptist Builders and it consists of more than 100 volunteers who come together each summer to build worship centers for churches in need. Danny Baker is the co-director. 

“We take our vacations, we take time off of work. Some of these guys are retired they come up and just give up their time and build these people a church that they want to worship the Lord in,” Baker said. 

Time isn’t the only thing they’re giving up. The group is also paying for their own hotel and food costs during their time here. 

“This is extremely important because we would never be able to afford this  If we had to hire this much labor to come out here and do this,” Howerton said. 

The group is headquartered in Lyndon Alabama but includes men and women from all across the U.S.  Debbie Wittner is from Oklahoma. 
 “Its such a blessing to come down here and work with all these people and like I said we just want to glorify God in all we do we just want to glorify God. In all we do we just want to give god the Praises for it.” 

And adults aren’t the only volunteers spending the summer doing the Lords work, the group includes children and teens as well. 
 Saturday marked day 3 of the project and Pastor Howerton said  the center is expected to be completed by Thursday. “The middle wing will be offices and restrooms and this will be the brand new ship center. We’ve outgrown our current worship center and we don’t have a fellowship hall so the current worship center will be our fellowship hall this will be a brand new worship center.”

Pastor Howerton says once completed the center will be able to hold 250 people comfortably. 

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