Paper ballots could cause delay in election results in Fayette County


The final hours of voting are approaching in Fayette County. Roughly 4,400 people have already voted. That’s twice as many voters as last election. But even with so many early voters, people in Fayette County may experience a delay with election results because of the use of paper ballots. 

In election years past, Fayette County has mostly used paper ballots in their voting process, which can cause a delay in counting the votes. This year however, all early voting was done on machines to help deliver faster election results.

“I think its tremendous. I’ve seen a lot more younger people this time. We’ve had 3 high schools bring their senior class members to vote in Fayette County. I’m very optimistic that we’re going to go over 50% total,” said Kelvin Holliday, Fayette County Clerk. Holliday is hoping all the votes will be accounted for by midnight.

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