Paramedics Work Around The Clock To Save Lives


When the siren goes off, first responders like James Strock go into life saving mode, even on a holiday.  Strock is a paramedic at the Bluefield Rescue Squad.  He’s been there for about 12 years.  While many people had the day off observing the Christmas holiday, Strock was on the clock.  

Strock said, “I don’t mind being here.  I love to be here.  The holidays don’t bother me too much.  You still get a good feeling because you’re still out helping other people.  It doesn’t always have to be about ourself.”

Strock said they only had just about 1 call per hour.  That number is lower than usual.

Strock said, “We go through our fair share of holidays Christmas, Thanksgiving.  You kind of get used to it.  Your family gets used to it.”

The squad responded to about 7 calls compared to the usual 20 calls on Monday December 26, 2016.  James Evans has been with the squad for 14 years.  He said people in this field know what they signed up for.

Evans said, “Most people in this love their job because they like taking care of people and helping people.  That’s my drive to do this.  The fact that you’re helping people and that’s why I love what I do.”

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