People Rally Together in Support of Legalizing Marijuana


The 60 day legislative session began and members of the legislature will be discussing several bills regarding the legalization of marijuana. People gathers at the West Virginia State Capitol in support of legalizing the plant.

Beth Walker once believed marijuana was a dangerous drug until she saw firsthand what it did for her husband’s liver cancer. “I watched it work and I believe it will work for other people here and we need the opportunity to be heard,” said Walker.

Walker rallied in support of marijuana and said if it was legal in West Virginia, she may have her husband by her side today. “I feel like if I didn’t have to spend the five days driving with my husband who was so sick and he could have gotten the treatment here, then he would’ve been here with me today,” said Walker.

After driving thousands of miles to Oregon to get the medical treatments, Walker said it’s not just a medical benefit. “I spent thousands of dollars along the way and every dollar was out of the state and it could have stayed here,” said Walker.

Walker and more than one hundred other ralliers voiced their opinions on how this could be the state’s solution. “We can benefit from it, there’s economic opportunities for the state, we know there’s a major shortfall,” said a supporter, Kevin Macmillion.

Along with the state’s budget crisis, people believe this is the answer to the opioid epidemic.”They take what’s prescribed to them, they follow doctor’s orders and they get addicted,” said Macmillion.

Macmillion said marijuana can be a non addictive solution to a deadly problem. “It’s going on around us, I don’t want to see West Virginia last yet again,” said Macmillion.

While many came out in support of the issue, there are people against it, but in the end this decision will lie in the hands of the lawmakers.

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