Pocahontas County Double Homicide has Community Shaken


As a retired State Trooper, McDaniels made quite an impact on the small community of Marlinton.

Robin Weiford’s connection to the McDaniels’ began decades ago. Her husband was the prosecuting attorney for Pocahontas County, and worked closely with Tim McDaniels. She says news of the shootings sent ripples through the community.

State Police in Pocahontas County tell me that the victims were likely trying to help their grandson, and that’s what ultimately cost them their lives. 

Though she was not ready to speak on camera, Holly McDaniels, daughter of one of the victims and mother of the shooter, said that the couple had such big hearts, and were respected and loved by everyone. Weiford agreed saying, “he was a wonderful person. Absolutely wonderful. He had this rough exterior that if you didn’t know him you might think that he was just rough. But he’s not he was just like- he had a big heart and would do anything in the world for the people he cared about.”

She can only hope that the community will show as much respect for the couple and their family in these coming weeks. “I hope the community will pull together, support the family in whatever they decide. We don’t need to be saying things, hurtful things, because this family is hurting already, and everybody’s got an opinion but at times like these, be kind,” says Weiford. 

Holly McDaniels says there will be special services for her father, since he was a retired Trooper, and that he and his wife will have joint services and  be laid to rest together. 

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