Police Encourage Business Owners to Install Security Cameras


The Beckley Police Department is encouraging local businesses to install security cameras inside and outside of buildings, to make catching criminals easier. 

Security cameras provide better documentation than any witness account could. They are often vital in keeping store employees and customers alike safe. 

That’s why Beverly Farrish, Little General Stores manager, has 12 of them installed there.

“Well you’ve got them on video, so you know, cameras don’t lie,” Farrish says. “So usually somebody knows who is on the video, somebody will know who it is.”

The dozen cameras at Farrish’s Little General Store are split between the inside and outside of the building. The cameras outside capture video of what’s happening in the parking lot, as well as surrounding streets. 

Lt. Jason McDaniel of the Beckley Police Department says outdoor security cameras like at Little General make catching suspects much easier. 

“Maybe you own a business, and nothing happened at your business, but a crime took place in the general area,” McDaniel says. “And we would like to know that you have cameras that are forward facing on your parking lot. Maybe your cameras caught the suspect vehicle, the suspects themselves, before they went and did the crime somewhere else.”

For McDaniel and other police officers, surveillance video is crucial evidence. But for store managers like Farrish, it’s peace of mind. 

“I think it would cut down on a lot of crime because if people know you got cameras, they’re not going to come rob you,” Farrish tells 59News. “Or if they do rob you, they’re going to try and cover up to not be in view of the camera. And it helps with shoplifting, keeps it down, and also prevents inventory from being lost.”

The ultimate goal of the Beckley Police Department is to have all local businesses install security cameras so that everything that happens in the area will have been captured on video. 

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