Police Investigate Counterfeit Money Cases In Wyoming County


An investigation is underway after police confiscate several counterfeit bills in Wyoming County.  Mullens Police and Oceana Police are working to find out who is responsible for counterfeit bills in the county.Officers have been seeing the fake money for about 2 months.

Cpl. Matthew Sluss said, “Oceana has collected more of the counterfeit bills than other agencies but it is a group effort combined.  These bills are coming in denominations of  twenties, fifties, and hundreds.

Mullens Police Chief Ray Toler said the suspects seem to target places where they don’t think workers will check the bills.

Toler said, “Now they’ve started going to yard sales.  The particular bill that I have now the 50 dollar bill was taken at a yard sale a gentleman pulled up and got out and bought two DVD’s for $10 and then got $40 in change.

One way to determine if the bill is fake is by marking it. If it’s fake then it will have a dark color.  If it’s real then it will have a yellow light color.  The pen is a special marker that police say you can pick up at an office supply store.  Sluss said other ways they look for fake money is by looking at the president’s jacket on the bill.  They give it the scratch test. If it is rigid after the scratch, then it is real.  If it is smooth, then Sluss says the bill is fake.  Workers are upset at the thought of customers using fake money.

Waitress Carly Sommer said, “If you don’t check them your drawer is going to be low and that’s you that’s on.  One resident agrees and thinks it is unacceptable.

Charles Hobbs said, “I realize you got a lot of people in this world that’s poor but still that’s no excuse to counterfeit money and pass it and then if you get caught with it then you get blamed for it and its not right.”  You could face up to ten years in prison for felony counterfeiting if convicted.  Oceana Police say they also got reports of counterfeit money in McDowell and Raleigh Counties.  If you have any information, you’re asked to contact local authorities.

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