Police: WV Man Allegedly Forced Daughter to Inject Him with Heroin


A West Virginia man is behind bars after being charged with child neglect of a minor for allegedly having his daughter inject him with Heroin.

“I’ve been doing law enforcement for 15 years now, and I’ve never seen a case personally that was as severe as this one,” said Detective at the Charles Town Police Department, Ronald Kerns.

Erik Reed, 42, of Ranson, W.Va. was charged on over 60 counts of child neglect.

Police said this all stemmed from an incident where Reed was charged with breaking-and-entering a local KFC.

Officers noticed the home was in deplorable condition, which prompted the department to issue a search warrant for his home.

“Once we made entry into the house, we observed deplorable living conditions. A lot of trash and clothes piled-up. There was a lot of bugs throughout the entire house,” said Kerns.

Reed was alleged to have forced his 16-year-old daughter to inject him with Heroin-filled syringes over the past 12 months.

In an interview with Charles Town Police Department, the daughter said she injected Erik on at least 50 occasions.

The daughter told police that Erik was quote ‘always angry’ and can remember being severely beaten by him on two occasions in 2014.

“On 10 occasions he didn’t get the high he felt he should have and actually told her she missed the vein in those instances. He would grab her by the throat, choke her and cause physical harm to her,” said Kerns.

Although Kerns can’t comment on the where-abouts of the 16-year-old, he did say that she is safe.

“Disgust, and totally blown away that a parent would put a needle full of dangerous drugs in their child’s hand and even put them in that position where they can receive harm for doing such an act. It’s just absolutely absurd,” said Kerns.

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