Pop a Balloon with an Orange


“An orange, you might eat it as a healthy snack, but my science helper, Madigan and I are going to use this sharp orange, that’s right, your orange is sharp, to pop that balloon.

“What do you think I should do Madigan? How should I use this to pop that balloon?”

“Throw it at it!”

“Is that your hypothesis? Okay, since I am not athletic, that might take some time. Go ahead and step down for me, I am going to use something else called the orange peeling. It is potent and it’s sharp. I am going to squeeze some of the limonene oil onto the balloon and it pops almost instantly.

“Step back up here Madigan and lets explain to everybody what’s going on here. Why your orange is so sharp, it all has to do with the peeling, it contains the limonene oil and what does that limonene oil do to the rubber part of the balloon Madigan?”

“It dissolves it.”

“Once it starts to dissolve that balloon, guess what happens, it pops and it pops quickly.”

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