Power of Prayer: a local pastor battles cancer


Week after week, from behind the pulpit, Pastor John Jordan preaches about having faith in impossible circumstances and the power of prayer. But behind closed doors, he’s a man fighting a very personal battle, with a lot of weapons. Eight years ago Jordan received news that would change his life.

“I was diagnosed with Chronic Lmphocytic Leukemia (CLL),” Jordan said. A diagnosis, that is usually a death sentence for most people within 5 years. Jordan said, “The what if questions come; what if this means death?”

Their daughter, now 16, is a daddy’s girl.  The news hit her the hardest. “That was my first thought, that he might die, and that scared me,” Lydia Jordan told 59News.

But the most powerful weapon in his arsenal is the power of prayer, that he says has sustained his family. A promise from God for healing, years before the diagnosis was even delivered.

“Eight years before I was diagnosed, God told me I would battle cancer, but that I was going to be alright,” Jordan said. “I would have liked the healing to have come sooner, long before the first chemo treatment. I would have preferred that type of miraculous healing before any of that. And we’ve prayed for that.”

Nearly a decade later, despite the praying, the healing never came.

Jordan’s wife, Stephanie, said, “God said to me, when did you start doubting? Then he reminded me of a scripture: ‘A man who prays and doesn’t believe is like a man tossed by the wave’s. What’s the point in praying if you don’t believe?”

A moment of clarity came for Jordan’s wife during a time of prayer. A different scripture that would serve as an anchor over the years. She told us, ” ‘He shall live; he shall not die’ ” And that message would be confirmed for Jordan at a prayer service, seeking counsel from another minister.

“As I started to leave the alter area, he came up and gave me a hug. He said ‘you will live and not die; you will declare the works of the Lord’. And I just thought, there it is again,” Jordan said.

Their three children, now 19, 16 and 13, are praying for a miracle. They want their dad to be cancer free. Their youngest son, Thaddeus, told us, “I was scared at first, but mom told me about the verse that said he will live and not die, and that comforted me.”

Jordan’s wife said, “You can’t put God in a box. He is greater than anything or anyone that we know, and He is what we depend on everyday. We know that he is all that we have.”

Through it all, Jordan believes that continuous prayer will bring healing. And his strength? He finds it at the pulpit.

Jordan said, “I find the greatest peace while I am ministering. It’s in those moments that everything else in life is blocked out, and I’m there for a purpose. And so therefore the thoughts of dying and the thoughts of cancer are so far away in those moments. People may doubt that God answers prayers, but I’m never gonna stop preaching that He’s a healing God. Because no matter what happens in my body, He is still a healing God and He is always gonna be faithful.”

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