Powerball Brings Economic Impact to Convenience Stores


The Powerball is reaching record heights, and the excitement is also helping convenience stores around the country.

It’s expected to reach $800 million by the time those six numbers are drawn on Saturday. There are many hopefuls out buying tickets in our local area.

Like Steven Morgan, a laid off coal miner from Raleigh County who is hoping to hit it the jackpot.

“With Powerball it’s so big, it’s life changing,” Morgan tells 59News. “It isn’t $400. It’s just the not knowing and the game. It’s addictive so you shouldn’t do it, but it’s addictive.”

And if he won…

“I’d have a Bugatti,” Morgan says. “Be hangin’ out with LeBron James, things like that.”

As manager of the Marathon Gas Station in Ghent, Raleigh County, Beverly Farrish is selling Powerball to customers like Morgan. She says since Marathon began selling the tickets, business has been booming as the jackpot continues to rise.

“It’s been really crazy,” Farrish tells 59News. “I was hoping somebody would hit it but each day it keeps climbing. It’s back up to $800 million today.”

Farrish says that most customers that come through the Marathon Gas Station for the Powerball tickets are doing so just to play the lottery. But there are some that do pick up something extra. 

“If they come to get milk and bread and what have you, they come and get that,” Farrish says. “And then they come back and get their Powerball. We get a lot of people passing through, and you know they might come through and decide they might need a pack of cigarettes or something.”

Managers say gas stations keep one percent of each Powerball ticket sale. Farrish couldn’t say exactly how much money has been made off of the Powerball sales for safety reasons. 

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