Preparations Underway for the Lilly Family Reunion


Lilly family members will descend on the Lilly Reunion Grounds in Flat Top on Friday. They regularly see over a thousand people for the annual reunion.
Ginger Lilly, Lilly Reunion Program Book Chair, said “there’s no way of really knowing. One year, we did do a uh Guinness Book of World Records registry signing up everybody and we had over 25 hundred people.”

With improvements to the grounds over the past few years, it takes longer to prepare the property. Bruce Lilly, Lilly Reunion Grounds Building and Maintenance Chair, told us ” It’s taking quiet a bit this time because we’re playing a lot of catch up. And we’ve installed some new buildings and we’ve done a lot of uh new work. So this year, it was uh kinda exceeded normal. Normally, uh what, 3 or 4 a week would be plenty of preparation.”

Some volunteers find the work rewarding. Ginger Lilly added, “A lot of hard work, but it’s a labor of love. You don’t even think about it being work until you lay down and all the muscles ache and all the joints are hurting.” Keeping younger and future generations knowledgeable about their history is important to the family. Ginger Lilly continued on by saying ” I have three sons who are my heritage and I want them to uh respect and to know they have a long line of heritage they need to keep going.”

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