Preventing Farming Injuries


Recent farming accidents in our area are showing how farming can actually be a dangerous industry. Many people suffer fatal and non fatal injuries from handling livestock and large machinery,  

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health said agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries. 

Keith Richmond with the USDA, told us,  “Getting in a hurry, the harvest time coming in, you got rain coming you’re trying to hurry something rather than shutting the machine down and working on it like it should be they’re going to try to work on it while it’s running and end up losing an arm, a leg or a life.”

Some farmers said handling livestock can be a tricky job, especially when it comes to using chemicals. 

“Warming treatments that we often use on cattle, long term exposure to that on your skin can eventually hurt your liver and other parts of the body so protecting yourself from that is extremely important,” Ken Scott, told us. 

Farming is one of the few industries where family members who often live on the farm can be at risk for accidents as well. 

“Some kids have been injured just from the standpoint of trying to handle an animal that’s as large as a cow,” said, Scott. 

The best way to avoid these accidents is using common sense.

Richmond, told us,  “Use your head, theirs shields, theirs guards but the best thing you’ve got is your head. “


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