Princeton Firefighters Urge Residents To Have Smoke Detectors In Homes


As the colder winter weather starts to stick around here in West Virginia, that means the heat will be on in your home.  59News spoke with firefighters in Princeton about safety tips to prevent a fire in your home.

Captain Sean Wyatt with the Princeton Fire Department said smoke detectors will wake you up in the middle of the night if there was a fire in your home.  

Wyatt said, “These are a lifesaving tool.  They’re very inexpensive and just change the battery twice a year in them.  They usually last anywhere within 5 to 10 years.  Any type of smoke detector, that is an early warning system so you can get out.”

Firefighters encourage you to have at least 1 smoke detector on every floor in your home and near your bedrooms.  Firefighter Mark Thomason has another fire safety tip concerning space heaters in homes.

Thomason said, “With portable heaters whenever you use them, make sure that they’re being used properly and according to the instructions with the manufacturers instructions.  Make sure there’s nothing on top of them or within several feet of them so that they can’t possibly catch anything else on fire.”

Firefighters say you can buy smoke detectors from any hardware store.     

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