Princeton music festival combats bullying


 Kids in Princeton joined in solidarity today to take a stand against bullying. 

The One Voice Project hosted a pool party music festival aimed at spreading positivity and bringing awareness to bullying,
which is a problem many children across the country face. The event featured music fun and games for all those who attended.

“Definitely our area middle schools high schools and even a little bit of elementary schools you see a lot of bullying and mistreatment a lot of the kids are having really hard times right now because of the way that other people are treating them and we just want to bring that down and we want other people to know how to be kind to one another, Kayla Mckinney said. 

According to a recent survey West Virginia is ranked third in the nation for bullying problems, as a result, organizers said they hope to host similar events throughout the year to make a difference.  

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