Princeton’s plan to curb stray cat population


The City of Princeton passed an ordinance on August 14th that plans to curb the city’s feral cat population. 

According to Princeton City Manager, Kenneth Clay, there are several elements to this new law. The ordinance limits the number of cats per household to four and allows for people to complain about bothersome cats.

“A nuisance provision to respond to complaints for excessive squalling or visitation in flower beds,” said Clay.

The ordinance also requires all cats to receive rabies vaccines. Clay hopes this ordinance will encourage residents to be responsible pet owners.

“The problem is not with households who have four cats or more per say right now, as long as they take care of them. Get them spayed, neutered, and so forth,” Clay explained.

Clay also stressed that if residents do have more than four cats, they will be given time to find them a new home, or they can apply for a rescue permit.

“If the owner obtains a permit as a rescue, rescue house or shelter, and they can have more than four cats for a period of three months,” Clay said.

Animal Control will not be knocking on doors to find violators, however all complaints will be investigated.

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