Prom Promise Mock Accident Held At Richlands High School


During this prom season, students at one high school in Tazewell County are coming together in effort to save a life.  Students at Richlands High School participate in their prom promise mock accident.  

It’s the scene no friend or parent wants to see.  A mock deadly head on collision accident was set up at the football field at Richlands High School on Friday April 29, 2016.  Sophomore Breonna Richardson played a victim in the crash. 

Richardson said, “You shouldn’t drink and drive because you can risk people’s lives and it happens all the time.”

Junior Katie Koger hopes this mock accident will open up students eyes to the consequences of drinking and driving.

Koger said, It’s so real and it’s so much different from seeing it and being a part of it and being a part of it hits you so much more because you just see the real effects of it.”

This year the prom promise mock accident was put on by the Richlands High School EMT class.  The story was about a girl who went to prom with a guy who was drinking and driving.  Her prom date ended up having a head on collision, killing both her parents.  Emergency crews rush to the scene. 
Rick Blevins who is the EMT teacher said he spent 6 weeks putting all this together and it didn’t cost anything. 
The event is made possible thanks to volunteers from the Richlands Police Department, Richlands Fire and Rescue, and Wings Air Rescue. 

As for Koger, she hopes everyone has a safe prom night on Saturday April 30, 2016. 

Koger said, “We still don’t really know the responsibilities of driving.  Some of us are still getting the hang of driving and if you impair your senses, it’s not good.”

 The mock accident has been put on by Richlands High School for about 10 years now. 

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