Protesters Gather at Mylan Pharmaceuticals in Morgantown


Mylan Pharmaceuticals, which is known for its generic drugs, has been accused of price gouging. The price of their EpiPens increased by 500% since 2007. 

Protestors in Morgantown gathered at the location on Chestnut Ridge road to voice their opinions. A group of protestors is outraged about the recent price spike in EpiPens. 

“The EpiPen actually saves people’s lives. I’ve been hearing a lot over the last few weeks about how people wanted to make their voices heard,” said Andrew Szanto, organizer of the protest outside of Mylan in Morgantown. “People wanted to let Mylan know how upset they were. They wanted something they could do. They’re scared and frustrated and angry. So I figured I would start organizing protests to show Mylan how the public feels. And also to educate the general public of what is going on and what Mylan is doing.”

Protestors carried signs with slogans such as ‘Human Need over Corporate Greed’, and ‘People over Profit.’ They are concerned about general business practices since Heather Bresch began as Chief Executive Officer in 2012. 

“I’d like to see a Heather Bresch exit, I’d like to see us move towards a single payer healthcare system. I’d like to see us get big money out of politics so we can stop things like this from happening in the first place,” said Richard Saffle, protester. 

The cost of a package of two EpiPen syringes is now about $600.

“People can’t afford these things. And I’m hearing people say their son or their daughter, their wife, or themselves, have gone into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting,” said Szanto.  

Dru and Sam Kusic traveled from Wheeling and were large shareholders at Mylan until the recent price change.

“We’re very upset about the extravagant raise in the price of the EpiPen, which is a life saving device for so many people. And we feel that it is just unconscionable. Until yesterday, we had a lot of shares in Mylan and we sold everything yesterday,” said Dru Kusic. 

Protestors believe the public should start talking to state representatives.

“Harass them until they start representing you. Because otherwise companies like this and representatives that don’t care are going to continue walking all over us. People need to stand up and start making their voices heard,” said Szanto.  

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