Railroad Days Celebrates 50 Years of History


Railroad Days makes it’s way into it’s 50th year. 59 News attended the festival today (10/16) and found out the importance of it.

As a born and raised Hinton resident, Pat Hanifin says he is happy to be a part of Railroad Days which celebrates a piece of history. “Hinton wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the railroad, this town was actually started by the railroad,” says a Volunteer for Railroad Days, Pat Hanifin.

Railroad Days celebrates the important role trains severe in our history and the event goes beyond the celebration recognizing the special heritage. It also brings in a large crowd to spend money at local businesses. “It’s a real shot in the arm economically,” says Hanifin.

A train comes from Huntington which brings in nearly 1500 people and that helps out the local vendors.

As a wood crafter Railroad Days serves as a vital day for Banny Michem’s business. “It helps bring in people from all over the country and this areas kind of depressed anyway so any little bit helps,” says Michem. 

It’s not just the business that brings Mitchem back every year. “I enjoy meeting the people like you guys and you meet really nice people so it’s good for everybody,” says Michem. 

From the vendors to the delicious food- this tradition plans to live on for years to come. “We’ve been here 50 years, and we plan to be here another 50,” says Hanifin.

Railroad days will continue for another weekend and will wrap up all of the fun next Sunday.

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