Rainelle homeowners refuse move away after flood


Many property owners are facing a difficult decision, do you stay and start renovating what’s left of your home or do close the doors and move away from a flood devastated area. Stephanie Lilly has made that difficult decision and decided to stay. This property has been in her family for years and she couldn’t imagine walking away from it forever. “We’ve owned it it’s been in my family a long time, we’ll just fix it up, there’s a lot of devastation so we decided we’d just hold on to it and try again,” said Lilly. 

She and her family are choosing to survive this flood, although they had to completely clean and renovate the majority of the property. Her husband said that they once had flood insurance, however they were told two years ago they no longer needed it- however with the help of the community, Lilly is able to keep this property in her family. “We appreciate all the help and donations, everybody has helped so much,” said Lilly.

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