Rainelle Man Who Beat Dog to Death Breaks Bond


Police caught Donald Lee Adkins at home with his dogs, thus breaking his bond on Friday afternoon. 

Adkins was charged with felony animal cruelty Thursday night after police arrested him for dragging his sick dog off the corner of Kanawha Avenue and Sumac Lane, and beating it to death with a hammer in his yard. Police released Adkins on a $1,000 bond that, by law, required he not be around any animals. 

“He said his dog’s been sick for over a month, and still failed to provide it any medical attention,” says J.P. Stevens, Rainelle Police Chief, about Adkins.

When police and animal control showed up at his home on Kanawha Avenue to check on his other dogs, they discovered Adkins was there. Police immediately forced Adkins off his own property to go somewhere he wouldn’t be around animals. 

Stevens tells 59News he is in the process of revoking Adkins’ bond, so he can arrest him again. Adkins originally could have faced up to five years in prison, but now could have that time extended if he’s arrested for breaking the bond. A date for arraignment has not yet been set. 

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