Rainelle Mayor Andy Pendleton Defends Against Rumors


A recent Facebook post gave way to rumors that officials in Rainelle were throwing away donated water and bleach, and closing the town’s distribution center without warning. To say that Rainelle Mayor Andy Pendleton was sad about those recent rumors, would be an understatement. 

“I am disappointed that the people would think that I would do it, and just starting some bad rumors that isn’t so,” she says.  But disappointment and emotions aside- Andy says the idea of throwing out bleach and other donated supplies would be impractical, especially when the need for them in Rainelle is so great.

There is a distribution center in town, housing all of the donated supplies. What Andy wants people to hear- and spread- is that the supplies will be there for the taking. “The rumor I want is for people to come and get what they need. Take two or three buggies, take two or three trips. Whatever it takes to get what they need.” 

As for the rumors that the distribution center in Rainelle will be closing sooner rather than later, Mayor Pendleton assures residents that as long as the shelves are stocked and the people are still in need- the doors will remain open. 

For community members like Charlotte Crane who lost everything in the floods, the distribution center doors closing would only add insult to injury. “We’d have to go to either Lewisburg or Beckley to shop. I mean, this town has got to live. We’ve got to survive,” says Crane.

 With the Facebook rumor mill, Mayor Pendleton says she will keep helping her town- and keep away from negative comments on social media.

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