Rainelle Police Chief is speaking out about bicycle ban rumor


A rumor about a bike ban has been swirling around the town of Rainelle in Greenbrier County. 

Bikes in the town of Rainelle have not been banned.  Officials believe two recent collisions are what sparked this rumor. Chief J.P. Stevens says, “we had two accidents in the past month involving two adults that should have known better, riding down the wrong side of the road, getting hit by a car.” Chief Stevens, wants to use this as a reminder to all residents, that they are enforcing the same bike rules that the town has always had in place, “You have to ride with the direction of the traffic, you have to move over if cars are coming, enter the highway safely when they pass you. Now, all of our sidewalks are banned from any propelled vehicles like bicycles, skate boards.”

If your going to use a bicycle for your main transportation and plan on driving it on main roads, then Stevens stresses it need to be equipped to do so, “The bicycle has to be equipped with some kind of audible sound, which is a horn or a bell, and it has to be heard within a 100 feet distance.” It’s also suggested to have mirrors on your bike. The town of Rainelle’s bicycle ordinance is almost identical to that of the state ordinance. 

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